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LEVEL 90!!!
Sep 16, 12 5:23 PM
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US-Korialstrasz Realm


We are a casual PVE-raiding guild guaranteed to have the least amount of drama and the most fun anywhere on the server!!  We welcome new members however we are a high-level guild and prefer not to invite people brand-new to the game, but do make exceptions for friends and family of current members.  We don't spam the trade channels for new members because we're already awesome!  If you want to be part of this laid-back happy bunch just let us know.




Members, please read the Code of Conduct and The Ranks news items on the home page.  You must have member access to this website.

BECOME A MEMBER NOW!  Besides the Home page, everything else on the website is member access only and may be viewed only by becoming a member of the Epic Guardians website.  If you are already a member of the guild, provide me with your email address via wowmail and I will send you an invitation to this website or create a guild portal user account by selecting "new user" at the top of home page and completing the registration form (I will not know your email address this way).  I will check the site regularly to approve members.

If you've applied to the website by clicking on the APPLY button at top of the home page* but you haven't been granted member access yet it is likely because I only grant member access if I know who you are! PLEASE USE YOUR MAIN NAME AS USER NAME!!  If name is already taken, try putting "Epic" in front of your name or a number after it.  At the very least list your toon names in the application form that comes up when you apply to the website.


By the Light of Elune!!! KILL KILL KILL!!!

*Edited for Bukwilde

Other Guild News

LEVEL 90!!!

Shearah, Sep 16, 12 5:23 PM.
Who's going to be first?  MoP race begins September 25, 2012...

First to reach level 90 on September 27th, big congrats to BLOWBACK (aka Angeluus)!!
following in second place, also on September 27th, EZER (also aka Angeluus)!! Woot Woot!!

Congrats to the handsome RAVENLORD on level 90 on September 28!!  Kind of second place too. :)
Grats to the lovely and talented DRAGONLILY on level 90 on September 29th!!  Extra special congratulations on being realm first ENCHANTER!!

Grats to GIGANTOR on level 90 on October 1st (Kergen's smexy draenei)!!

Grats on level 90 to GUZZLER on October 1st!! Great to see you back in EG!!

Woohoohoooo HOOCHIEMAMA on level 90 on October 3rd!!  Nub :)

WTG CHLOETTE on level 90 on October 4th!! Aw yeaaaahh!

Congrats to the beautiful AERONWYNN on level 90 on October 7th!!

Yay McBIFF on level 90 on October 8th!! Hope you find lots of new trinkets to link in general and trade.

Grats again to Aeron on levelling a second character to 90 on October 10...wtg CYNBEL!!

Grats to HOGANKNWSBST on level 90 on October 12th!!

Yay! Our first level 90 Monk!! Grats to SPRINGROLL (aka Janmurus) on October 13th!!

Wild congratulations to BUKWILDE on level 90 on October 13th!!

Bow to her MAGEISTY on level 90 on October 14th!!

After 2 year hiatus from wow, grats to GOBBLEDORF on return and levelling to 90 on October 14th!! (aka Shurakai)

Congrats to NUBBIUS! oops I mean DADDIUS on level 90 on October 15th!!

Finally...TRULY hit 90 on October 17th!!  What a nub.

Congrats to LADOWCAST (aka Bront) on level 90 on October 17th!!

Grats to Eber's cute little pink pig-tailed dk JESSEJANE on level 90 October 22nd!!

Woohoo grats to the sexy KATRIIANNA (aka Mori) on level 90 on October 26th!!

Grats on a second 90 for Buk's hunter ARROHAWKE who hit 90 on October 27th!!

Congrats to the hunky hubby SPEKTER on level 90 on October 28th!!

Grats to RUBBERDK on some spectacular and educational cursing on the way to level 90 on October 28th!!

Congrats to BALCO on level 90 on October 30th!!  I don't think I saw you on once...way to rogue!

Way to go MORIMAEL on level 90 on November 1st!!  Yay two for Mori!!

Grats MATREK on also getting level 90 on November 1st!! Yay two for Bront!!

The true nub made his way to level 90 on November 5th...haha grats to TRULYNUB!! (aka Ever)

Congrats SELANII on level 90 on November 6th!! So nice to have such a nice guildie get to such a nice level!

RAVENLORDNUB you GNUB!! Grats on getting 90 on November 12th!  I blame Grundle.

Grats to PRIMER on level 90 on November 12th!! You should blame Grundle too.

Congrats to the Colorado homeboy AVRANG on level 90 on November 16th!!! Sweeeet duuuuude!!

Way to go FRAXURE on level 90 on November 19th!!  Now the missus won't have to carry you! ;)

Grats to HOPSBROOD on level 90 on November 24th!! (aka Bloodpot)

Welcome back and grats to HYDERIUS on 90 on November 28th!! Well done...:)

Congrats to NEUTRONBOMB on level 90 and straight into heroics on November 30th!! How did Machinelf get in here?

WTG to EBERKENEZER on finalllly getting to 90 on December 1st!!  Now you just need invite to Brawlers.

I blame Grundle for getting GRUNDLESTRIP to 90 on December 6th!!  Grats Gnub!!


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